Happy Anniversary!

Swish Builders has proudly turned 10 years old!

From the bottom of our heart, we want to thank you for being part of our amazing journey.

It’s a journey that’s been full of challenges, full of excitement, and ultimately full of growth over the past ten years. Thanks to your help we have worked on some incredible projects, taken on some highly complex builds, and have become leading experts in Canterbury for hillside construction.

Christchurch’s construction industry has always been competitive, and the Canterbury Rebuild has made it even more so, but we’ve never tried to compete with everyone else. From day one, Swish Builders has been set on forging our own path, building to our own standard of excellence, and taking on the technical projects that stretch most builders to the limits. The truth is, we’ve loved every minute of it.

That’s not to say it’s always been easy. We’ve worked hard to put in place excellent management systems and a dedicated project management team, so everyone from the apprentice chippie, to the site foreman and customer is kept in the loop.
Those systems include the BuilderTrend app, which we use to give our customers regular updates about their new build and the activities on-site straight to their phone. People love being able to see their dream-home coming to life, and easily able to show their family and friends. Your property is quite possibly your greatest asset, and we repay the trust you place in to build or renovate your home by proactively communicating with you every step of the way.

We’re proud to be on the pioneering edge of new home design as part of the Superhome Movement, finding ways to make homes warmer, drier, more sustainable and energy efficient. We know it’s becoming increasingly more important to have more environmentally friendly lifestyles, and we’re proudly leading the way with how we build here in Christchurch.

A real highlight from the past ten years has been winning the Registered Master Builders 2013 House of the Year competition. Our passion and drive for building excellence has always been the homeowner’s satisfaction and the knowledge of a job well done, so winning such a prestigious award simply blew us away. While winning awards has never been our main focus, it was thrilling to have our high standard of workmanship recognised by our peers in the building industry.

Once again, we have to credit you with our success. Your suggestions, your feedback, and your testimonials have allowed us to grow and become the quality team of builders we are today. We’re just as committed to tackling complicated architectural homes, technical hillside construction projects, sustainable Superhomes, and complex renovation work as we were a decade ago, with the added benefit of ten years of experience behind us.

Thank you for your role in our journey. We really couldn’t have done it without you. Happy anniversary Swish Builders. Here’s to the next ten years!