Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a.. Superhome!

In New Zealand, we love to lead the way for the rest of the world. We were the first country to give women the vote. We led the nuclear free movement by standing up to the USA. New Zealand is constantly showing the rest of the world there are none better at rugby, so why are we so far behind when it comes to building houses?

A common criticism from tourists visiting Christchurch is that our homes aren’t built for the conditions. Compared to Europe, they see our houses as cold, under-insulated, and far too hard to heat effectively. So what can we do differently?

Join the Christchurch Superhome Movement

The Superhome Movement was created for builders and architects to share techniques, ideas, and better ways to build warmer, drier, and more energy efficient homes. We’ve learned a lot during the ten years Swish Builders has been building in Christchurch, so when the opportunity came to upskill even more, we jumped at the chance.

At Swish Builders, we want to be at the pioneering edge of smarter home design. In this respect, New Zealand may be behind the rest of the world, but we’re committed to improving the lifestyles of Cantabrians with each home we build, and where we can, helping them live more sustainably.

Warmer, drier, and more energy efficient homes are good for the environment, great for your health, and even better for your wallet. Everyone should be interested in lowering their monthly power bills! The Superhome Movement’s building methods can help you do just that.

What’s a Superhome?

Think of your home like a household appliance. From fridges, Every appliance comes with an Energy Star rating. The more stars an appliance has, the more energy efficient it is. It might be slightly more expensive to buy than a similar appliance with a lower star rating, but because it needs less energy it will be cheaper in the long-term to run. The aim of the Energy Star rating is to educate people about the real cost of their new appliance.

The Superhome Movement is about finding ways to improve the Energy Star rating of your home, and educating homeowners about smarter building methods that can make your house more energy efficient. Houses are judged using the independent Homestar rating, which ranks homes out of ten stars instead of the Energy Star rating’s six. A home built to the minimum Building Code requirements would probably have a Homestar rating of four or five. It’s good, but there is room for improvement. A Superhome would have a Homestar rating of six or more!

How Do We Build A Superhome?

There’s more than one way to create a Superhome. During the design phase, Swish Builders would look over your plans and suggest areas where we could improve heat retention or energy efficiency. It could be something as simple as double glazing doors and windows, to creating a rigid air barrier in the walls of your home using a full building wrap. Swish Builders can also design rainwater harvesting or solar systems to make the most of the earth’s free resources.

If you’re interested in the Superhome Movement, you can find more information about our energy efficient building techniques here. For a free consultation on turning your dream-home into a Superhome, contact Swish Builders on 03 384 9980