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Our Strength: Commitment to our Client's vision

Swish Builders was started in 2006 by William Thomson. With a background in architectural house construction, and after years of traveling and working overseas, William had a calling to return home to set up a building company and build beautiful houses.

Every new house and every alteration, addition, renovation or repair has seen the team at Swish Builders refine their systems and processes to grow into a company that guarantees a high level of success for each new project.

We are passionate about building, and continually seek to improve our knowledge of existing techniques, as well as learn and understand new methods of construction.

We are architectural, hill site specialists. In this highly specialised area where a high degree of difficulty is common our can-do attitude, combined with professionalism and character means Swish Builders will succeed and exceed your expectations.

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Professional. Passionate. Engaging. Committed to exceeding your every expectation. Isn’t that Swish?